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Kegel Trainer Set - Lust 2 Love
Kegel Trainer Set - Lust 2 Love
Kegel Trainer Set

Kegel Trainer Set

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Product Description

This toy exercises your kegel muscles and stimulates your pussy at the same time! The beads strengthen your pelvic floor with the subtle vibration which happens with your movement, stimulating the kegel muscles and building them up with every step you take. The beads automatically cause your vagina to contract when you stand up as your muscles fight gravity to keep the beads in place. It allows you to get a tighter feel and stronger orgasms.

Experience resistance training with this weighted silicone balls starting from the lighter  ball to the heavier balls. Internally weighted, the inner ball rolls freely, causing subtle shifts during movement.

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can bring tightness over time with regular use. The attached loop makes for easy removal of the balls. 

With no noisy motors or moving parts, you can use this all day.

Recommended Usage: 

- 4 hours daily

Do they hurt? 

If you find the practice of holding your kegel balls in to be difficult or the balls are slipping out try a lighter weight set or just use one ball at a time until your pelvic floor becomes stronger. 

Product Specifications

Biggest Ball Length: 6.38'' 
Medium Ball Length: 6.10'' 
Smallest Ball Length: 4.73''

Biggest Ball Weight: 65g
Medium Ball Weight: 55g
Smallest Ball Weight: 40g

Biggest Ball Diameter: 3 CM
Medium Ball Diameter: 2.9 CM
Smallest Ball Diameter: 3.5 CM

Balls will be purple or black. 



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