Toy Care

How to Clean your Toys

Toys can be cleaned using toy cleaner  or with warm soap and water. Refrain from submerging toys under water when cleaning. 

Rechargeable Toys 

Protect your rechargeable toys by doing the following:

  • Keep in a safe place either in a box or a velvet bag.
  • Refrain from exposure against other metals for charger and toy.
  • Hold power button to power on. 
  • Do not keep charger attached to toy during or after usage unless charging. 
  • Do not overcharge. Toys should be charged for no more than 60 minutes at a time. We recommend charging for one hour at a time. 

Battery Operated Toys

To reserve your toy and batteries, remove batteries after each usage. Batteries still drain while toys are not in use. 

Other Useful Information

When new to exploring with toys, wear and use in short time increments. Do not leave a toy in your vagina for longer than 15 minutes for first time use. 

When your toys began to wear and tear, toss them. The quality of toy and care has a lot to do with the lifespan. 

When your toys began to overheat, chip, tear it is time to toss. 



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