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Encounters - Lust 2 Love


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Have you ever gotten dirty in any stairwell of a public building? What about in a friend's house without them knowing? Or maybe on the pitcher's mound of a baseball field? With Encounters, you draw a location card from the deck and decide what Kink Activity you are willing as a couple to perform in that location. Each Kink Activity is worth a certain number of points. The idea of the game is to accumulate as many points as possible, which earns you levels in the game. If you are playing as a single couple, keep track of your points and progress up the Levels Ladder. If you are playing with other adventurous couples who are ready and willing for a wild round of play, then all couples will play off the same Location card and has one week to perform a Kink. After one week, the couple teams get back together and score points based on the Activity performed in that location. Spice the game up by having each couple take a photo or video as proof of their Encounter! The first couple to 600 points wins! Give your sex life a healthy boost today! Also included is "Let's Talk About Sex! - 10 Sexy Questions to Heat Things Up!" game card for arousing foreplay.



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