Dancer Pole - Lust 2 Love
Dancer Pole - Lust 2 Love
Dancer Pole - Lust 2 Love

Dancer Pole

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Product Description 

Portable and removable dancing pole perfect for parties or at home fun! 

No ceiling fixtures required. No ceiling adapter required. Height adjustable, suits different ceiling heights. Comprehensive assembly instructions with free DVD


Product Details

  • Silver 
  • Solid Steel 
  • Up to 220 pounds
  • 7’2 to 8’5 height 

How to assemble?

1. Connect part 4 to part 2, making sure the pushpins click into the position.

2. Connect part 5 into part 1 by slotting them together

3. Squeeze the fat end of part 3 down into the skinny end of the part 1

4. Attach the wide end of the part 2 onto the small end of the part 3

5. Unscrew and extend the part 2 so that the height indicator displays your ceiling height



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