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Orgasms, Orgasms & More Orgasms

As women it is important to explore our bodies and find out what takes us to the Big O! Follow us on the journey....
How to Orgasm
Step 1: Prepare your mental.
It is very hard to orgasm when you are not mentally prepared. This means a moment of no stress just pure mental relaxation and focus on the feeling of pleasure. In order to do this you have to remove the pressure of trying to orgasm and instead allow your body to take you to that heightened place of pleasure. 
When we say relax this doesn't necessarily mean your body because tension of the muscles actually helps to induce an orgasm due to the increase in blood flow when tension occurs so we are strictly asking you to relax your mind. 
Set a romantic atmosphere with candles, music, a nice warm bath or whatever it takes to help you relax. 
Step 2: Understand your body and what feels good.
Ask yourself these questions:
Do I enjoy clitoral stimulation? If so, how? When it's licked vigorously, sucked precisely or kissed passionately. 
Do I enjoy when the penis/dildo is super deep with slow strokes while I am doggystyle? 
There are plenty more questions to ask yourself but understanding what feels good, how and why helps your journey of achieving an orgasm. 
Step 3: Building Arousal 
When you are aroused amazing things happen to the body like your clitoris becomes erect allowing for heighten sensitivity. Also the g-spot swells, allowing for heighten sensitivity and makes it easier to find. 
Recommendations to induce arousal....
- Watching porn.
- Foreplay such as an intimate massages, the kissing challenge.
- Nipple stimulation. 
- Bedroom Music.
- Sexting. 
Step 4: It's Time to Give It A Shot! Choose a method to try. 
Vaginal Orgasms 
The elusive vaginal orgasm is achieved when you are stimulated by penetration only. These orgasms tend to come from longer play or longer sex and are typically are more difficult to reach than other types of orgasms. Reaching this type of orgasm can be made easier by knowing the location of your Grafenberg spot (G-Spot). 
How to find your g-spot: 
The G-spot is on the roof of your vagina about 2.5 inches deep. It is located right under the urethra. After thoroughly washing your hands, we recommend lying on your back and taking your pointer and middle finger, sticking it in your vagina motioning upwards. You should motion "come here" with your fingers. See illustration below from "The Conversation". 
Once you feel something that feels like a button, you've touched it. Now to activate it.... 
How to get your vaginal orgasm:
With a partner
  • During sex have your man focus his thrusting towards the front wall of your vagina, where your g-spot is. When it feels pleasurable or like you have to urinate, have him keep thrusting in that same spot. Allow him to try different motions to find what feels best. When you feel that sensation have him stay there with short, forceful pumps. It should send you to the big land of the "O". Our Lovies often find that the more uniformed the strokes when he hits the right spot the more likely to achieve, the random change up can interrupt the journey to the orgasm. 

Recommended Positions: Doggystyle and Reverse Cowgirl 

Without a partner 

  • Grab a g-spot toy with a nice curve, find the spot and thrust or let the vibrator sit on that sweet spot. Once you've found the spot, you'll know and just continue what you do. 

Recommended Toy: G-Spot Blissing

If your thoughts are not focused on the feeling and how amazing it feels, your likelihood decreases. Women are often distracted by physical insecurities, stress, their partner and a plethora of other things. Remember if the mental is not there, your chances of an orgasm decreases. 

Clitoral Orgasm 
The clitoral orgasm is the most popular way among women to achieve an orgasm. The 8,000 nerve-endings give the clitoris heightened sensitivity, making it the easiest orgasm to obtain.
How to achieve a clitoral orgasm:
  • Gently rub your clitoris in circles or have your partner do so. Be patient and when you do it just right your "O" will come. If you tend to prefer sucking, licking, etc focus on a motion that feels good and keep that up. You should feel your body becoming more and more aroused. Once you've found the sweet spot continue the motion until climax is reached. 
  • Bullets and wands are amazing for clitoral stimulation. In this day and age, fingers are becoming less popular so let the vibrations of these sex toys rest on your clitoris to take you there. It's less work! 
Blended Orgasms
For those of you who can handle a super intense, long lasting and strong orgasm this is for you. This is when your orgasm is acquired from the vaginal and clitoral stimulation at the same time . As a sex therapist once said "you're getting the best of both worlds". Please note this is not for everybody for many women it can simply be too much going on and they become more so distracted than pleasured. 
During intercourse the clitoris swells, the resting fullness and increased sensitivity will give you a clitoral orgasm while simultaneously making a vaginal orgasm easier to reach.
How to get your blended orgasm: 
  • "Riding" the penis while your partner rubs on your clitoris or back shots while you or your partner holds a vibrator on the clitoris.
  • The infamous rabbit which is a vibrator that provides penetration and clitoris stimulation at the same time. Turn the speed up to your liking and insert correctly. It is important to find a rabbit that will hit all the places you like, the way you like. They all have different functions so be sure to ask us before purchasing. 


- Learn to make yourself orgasm once you do it is easier to communicate how to or to find out how to with a partner. 
- Exercise the pelvic floor. The stronger the pelvic floor, the easier and the bigger the orgasm. We recommend our kegel training kit for that! 
- Don't rush it. Sometimes the body needs time to build the orgasm. 
Please keep in mind that everyone's body is different and what works for you may not work for another so it is important to be knowledgeable and explore your body! 
Remember half the battle of obtaining orgasms is your state of mind so make sure you put yourself in the right mood and set the atmosphere. BE RELAXED!
Feel free to comment below on your favorite way to achieve the "Big O".
Good Luck on Those Orgasms!!! 

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