Erotic Scavenger Hunt
Erotic Scavenger Hunt
Erotic Scavenger Hunt
Erotic Scavenger Hunt
Erotic Scavenger Hunt
Erotic Scavenger Hunt
Erotic Scavenger Hunt
Erotic Scavenger Hunt

Erotic Scavenger Hunt

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Product Description

Add a playful twist of spice and passion with the Erotic Scavenger Hunt by Lust 2 Love. This sexy, romantic adventure is the perfect upgrade to your night exploring new levels of intimacy, positions and more. 

You and your partner will have to guess clues, go through sexy challenges and pit stops to find your items. Once you finish, you’ll be in for a love session like never before using our sexy products for assistants.

The products include a restraint system or a swing, massage products, sex potions, couples sex toys, erotic games and more. 

What's Included?

  • 13 Erotic Products 
  • 2 Pit Stops 
  • Decor Setup for Room 
  • Complimentary Wine 

Standard Hunt - $200.00

Upgraded Hunt - $325.00

The upgraded hunt includes all the above as well as enhanced decor setup for 3 rooms, real roses, lingerie and a champagne/dessert setup. 

The Hunt
A consultant will come out to your place of choice (hotel, home, etc.) to setup this erotic experience for you and your lover. 

We currently service the following cities/states: 

- Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding cities

- Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding cities

- Washington D.C. (travel fee may apply)

- Most cities in Pennsylvania (travel fee will apply)

- Several cities in Virginia (travel fee will apply)

The travel fee is generally $.75 per mile from Pikesville, Maryland 21208.

If you’re unsure if we service your area, please contact us to double check before booking.

Not Local? Get an Erotic Scavenger Hunt Kit.  

Important Information

  • Please make sure the room is clean and the bed is made.

  • Arrange for Consultant to be added on to the reservation or to be let in at the time of setup. Please double check to make sure consultant will have proper access. We allow for a 15 minute grace period. After 15 minutes, a $25 fee will need to be sent to have consultant wait up to 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the consultant will no longer be required to wait. 

  • Please allow the consultant space to setup by refraining from being in the room during setup. 


- If you select the deposit option, the remaining balance is due 3 days before your scheduled Scavenger Hunt.

- Once we receive your booking, you’ll be contacted requesting additional information if necessary. 

- To ensure date availability, we recommend booking as far in advance as possible.

- Please have at least 2 AAA and 2 AA batteries on hand for products that may need batteries. 



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