Consultant Kit

Consultant Kit

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Consultant Kit Includes: 

  • 4 Tester Potions
  • 2 Tester Luxury Toys 
  • 3 Tester Best Sellers
  • 1 Tester Couple Toy
  • 1 Tester Restraint 
  • 20 Items of Inventory
  • 3 Hostess Gifts 
  • 10 Prizes
  • 50 Business Cards
  • Company T-Shirt 
  • Name Tags 
  • Index Cards
  • Pens
  • 3 Catalogs 
  • Order Forms 
  • Shopping Bags 
  • Credit Card Reader
  • 30% Buying Discount

This kit is for use to host parties booked through and with Lust 2 Love only. These products are not for personal use. If your contract is terminated or you quit under any circumstance, you must return the kit with existing items or you will be subject to a lawsuit. Consultant will be responsible for any legal fees, court cost or attorney fees associated with any legal matters as a result of this. 



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