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Airbnb Partnership Program

Are you ready to "wow" your guests with add-on packages that will give your Airbnb 5 Star Reviews, social media attention and have them sharing with the world where they should stay for their next visit?


Airbnb Affiliate Program 

As an affiliate of Lust 2 Love, we expect you to offer your customers the packages that are available to them during their stay. You can also share your affiliate link to others who may be interested in our products and services.

Goal  - To increase the customer experience aiding in exceptional reviews by adding unique and fun services that are available during their stay.

What’s in it for you as an Airbnb Host?

  • 25% Commission

  • Weekly Pay

  • Bonus Program 

  • Free Advertisement 

Packages Offered: 

  • Scavenger Hunts

  • Photoshoots

  • Adult Game Nights 

Bonus Program 

  • For every 10 bookings within the month, you receive an additional $100.

See the packages available for your guests here ---> https://www.lust2lovestore.com/collections/airbnb-packages

Ready to get started? Fill out our contact form and request a call for more information or if you're really ready to get started, request for the contract.

 Once the contract is signed, you will receive access to signup for our affiliate program.

Please be sure to include the following:

- Name (must be owner of Airbnb)

- Link to your Airbnb Listing. 

- Any questions you may have. 


- We currently service Charlotte, NC as well as Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding cities. If you are more than 20 miles outside of these cities, check to see if we service your area.

- Your affiliate link will direct customers to our Airbnb Service Page only. Customers will be able to navigate outside of that page if they'd like. 

- We have options available for affiliates to offer our services and for their customers to be invoiced as opposed to directed to our site. Please inquire for more information regarding this. 

- What is free advertisement? It's simple, we have 100s of people booking our Scavenger Hunts who are looking for places to say. We will have a page just to share with those customers of our featured partners so they can book with you. 

- We use safe materials and create an amazing experience for customers that require minimal clean-up. 



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