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Normalizing the use of lube....

Do I need lube?


Can we please normalize using lube!!!???? Lube is literally one of the best bedroom enhancers you can have!


Yes, we know everyone wants to proclaim having that WAP but truth is many of us don’t have that wet ass pussy all the time!


Whether it’s medication, hormonal imbalance, breastfeeding, stress or just your body catching up late to your mind, vaginal dryness is something that can easily happen even if it isn’t all the time.


Aside from vaginal dryness, why is Lube so amazing?


  1. Reduces friction. You may be wet but after a while your body may not be able to hang with the session so using lube can keep things nice and slippery.
  2. You can use other ways! Such as for anal sex, hand jobs and to massage you and your partners body while prepping it for the big show.
  3. It acts a barrier during masturbation for one of the most sensitive parts of our body, the vulva.


Now let’s talk types....


Water Based Lube - Our favorite! It’s super versatile and feels just like natural wetness, not too sticky just perfect!

Get yours here


Silicone Lube - Super slippery and lasts long. Recommended for longer sessions! It takes much more to wash off then water based lube. Not recommended for use with silicone toys.

Get yours here


Sensitive Lube - For my ladies with an extra sensitive vagina we have a Lube that has minimal ingredients making it super safe for the girl parts!

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How to Apply: 

With a condom - Apply all over the outside of the condom. 

With toys - Pour all over your toy before insertion. Also apply some lube to the vaginal area. 

For anal - Double the amount of lube you think you would use. The anus does not self-lubricate. Apply all over the anus area. 

For vaginal sex - Squeeze a generous amount and apply all over the vulva and on your partner. 


Thanks for reading and we hope that this read made you feel comfortable with using lube or gave you a valid reason to use it! 


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