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GSpot Stimulant - Lust 2 Love

GSpot Stimulant

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Product Description

The G-Spot Gel is formulated to be applied directly to the G-spot to deliver an exhilarating tingly sensation that will truly intensify your pleasure and orgasms. It is fragrance-free, sugar-free, paraben-free, and made in the USA.

How to Use 

Apply a small amount of cream directly to finger tip and insert into vagina. Locate G-Spot on front wall and gently rub in. Reapply as needed or desired.

How to find G-Spot

  • Make sure you aroused as the “g-spot” swells when you are aroused making it easier to find. 
  • Setting the mood mixed with clitoral stimulation can help. 
  • First try with fingers as it is easier to maneuver and find exactly where it is. Take your pointer and middle finger, insert as far up in the vagina as possible and push forward (as if you’re curling fingers). You should feel like you hit something.

If so, continue to play in that area until you feel an orgasm coming which can sometimes feel like you have to urinate.  

If not, continue to move around in circles, back and forth, up and down until you feel that increase stimulation. 



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