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The Couples Guide to Introducing Toys Into PlayTime

We are often asked advice on how to get your lover to participate with sex toys.
The very first step is to communicate your interest and why you would like to introduce sex toys in the bedroom. When discussing this topic with your partner be sure to express that you simply want to take things to another level, please them more and add some additional spice. It is very important that when you communicate with your partner you do not imply that you are dissatisfied in your current sex life. 

For women, ensure that his penis is still the main focus of your sexual experience and for men ensure that her vagina is still the main focus.You never want your partner to feel in competition with sex toys. From a poll taken by Passionate Xplosions in 2014, this was the leading reason men were not open to the introduction of sex toys.
While making sure your partner is aware that this will benefit both of you, be sure to be educated on what toys are good for couple play. We will help you with that in this blog. The education of toys and communication with your spouse is important.
Tip - Toys are not a good bedroom surprise if you have not cleared it with your partner.
What toys should you start with? 
The first toy we recommend is the bullet. The bullet is one of the most popular items because it can be used just about everywhere. The light vibrations will not cause alarm but provide nothing but pleasure and heighten sensitivity. 
You can use on your mans testicles during oral sex or he can use the tip of the bullet against your clitoris while his tongue or penis enters your vagina. Can you imagine the explosions you can experience by this simple toy?
Letting your partner control your orgasm is also a good way to introduce sex toys into the bedroom.
Here are some ways to do this: 
  • Women - Try using a male masturbator before, after or during the oral sex experience for your man. Take the stroker and put over his penis, gently stroke up and down similar to a hand job. This can be done with a warming sex gel, lube or the good ol' saliva. This will blow his mind. 
  • Men - The remote control items such as the vibrating remote control allows you to control your lovers orgasms without her knowing. She will not know what hit her when you turn this on and send shivers up her spine.
A must try is the infamous cock ring. The cock ring provides dual pleasure with one push of a button.
For him, the stretchy ring is placed on his penis and if it is a dual ring the larger ring on his testicles. This promotes a harder, longer erection and a more intense ejaculation.
For her, the clit bumper rests on the clitoris during sex and sends vibrations to the clitoris for extra stimulation and powerful orgasms. 
For both, this waterproof vibe is nothing short of an amazing experience sending vibrations from his shaft all the way through the woman body. 
Fun fact - A bullet comes with this item and be used without the ring. Two toys for the price of one.
If you all are really feeling naughty and ready for some advanced items you can try the swings and the restraints.
The swings are very easy to set up and use whether you prefer the door or body swing. The swings allow you and your partner to try new & challenging positions with ease. They provide for support and flexibility as you enter positions you couldn't execute before. Our swings hold up to 300 pounds and are portable as well as easy to hide. 


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