Make Your Lover Crave Your Taste

The simple but yet complicated guide to the sweet taste of your vagina. 
There are many people who are satisfied with the natural taste of our vagina and complete with the fact that our vulva does not taste like a lollipop. They are content with the fact that our vagina contains lots of bacteria that keeps it healthy and clean. 
However, like many others would argue it is important to keep it tasting and smelling fresh for our lovers. The better it smells and taste, the more enjoyable for your partner. 
Why our vaginas taste the way they taste? 
Many researchers relate the vagina to an ecosystem where everything must exist in the right balance in order for it to effectively work.
There are several factors that aide in the taste of your vagina such as sweat, the feminine products you use, hygiene, arousal fluids, natural secretion, the chemical balance of fluids, diet and more.
The great thing is we do have the ability to alter the taste of our vagina!
One of our subscribers asked, "what does a normal vagina taste like?"
Good question, the taste of an overall healthy vagina is naturally acidic due to the bacteria that fights off infections. 
Good Hygiene 
Make sure you are chemically balanced! You should eliminate the usage of douches, perfume, fragrant soaps and other things of that nature. You should not use those products directly on your vagina as the use of those products put you at a higher risk for an infection. Remember your vagina is extremely sensitive so be very careful of what feminine products you use with your self-cleansing system. 
Unfortunately, vaginas sweat, and that is just the sad reality. Try to keep your vagina cool and dry on the outside by wearing cotton underwear. 
Smell and taste are closely related so woman who shave or trim pubic hair will likely have less of a scent than a woman with excessive hair. Excessive hair holds sweat.
It's true, you taste like what you eat. So make sure those diets are great so that your pussy can taste scrumptious. 
Water flushes your system so it is important to drink lots of it.
Eating pineapples to make your vagina taste better is no rumor. Fruits such as pineapples, kiwi, blueberries, watermelon, cucumbers and mangoes are known to leave the vagina with a yummy taste. This is due to the natural sugars that release through the body. 
Eating foods high in probiotics such as greek yogurt, honey and cranberry juice will aide in keeping your PH balanced which will result in a better tasting vagina. 
Anything that makes your breath smell, your farts stink, or your pee smell strong you should avoid. Alcohol and tobacco will make your vagina taste bitter and acidic. I recommend you stay away from asparagus, broccoli, onions and garlic when a good tasting pussy is on the menu. 
Now what?
Get that vagina smelling and tasting scrumptious!
Note - There isn't much scientific research on this topic so none of this has been scientifically proven. 


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