DisABILITY & The Thotful Hoe Podcast

DisABILITY Podcast

The DisABILITY podcast is an amazing podcast for people who have disabilities and caretakers of those with disabilities. This podcast creates a safe space for individuals to learn, cope and discuss ways to navigate through the bedroom! 

Our episode is with owner, Nelly who delves into their bedroom giving them some disability friendly tips that increase the spice in the bedroom. 

Check it out here

Like them on Facebook ---> https://www.facebook.com/disABILITYpodcast/

Follow them on Instagram ---> https://www.instagram.com/disability_podcast/

The Thotful Hoe Podcast

The Thotful Hoe Podcast is a podcast that creates safe spaces to discuss taboo subjects as it pertains to sex. On our episode we had a lovely transparent discussion with the owner, a manager of an adult shop discussing why this business was started and more. She created a safe space that allowed owner of Lust 2 Love, Nelly to be transparent! 

Check it out here

Follow them on Instagram ---> https://www.instagram.com/theth0tfulhoepodcast/

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